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Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
educators. >>> guns once owned by some of america's famous gangsters are up for auction. some of the most sought after items are guns in holsters used by the famous crime couple bonnie and clyde. those guns were recovered from their car after they were shot and killed in louisiana in 1934. a document signed by al capone and a document signed by elliott ness are also on the auction block. some of the items are expected to fetch up to $100,000. >>> one of america's busiest highways is back open for business this morning. carmageddon 2 shut down part of the 405 freeway this past weekend as crews worked on a ten-mile stretch of the road. drivers were warned of massive traffic back-ups because of the construction. there were reports of a few people who tried to jump onto the empty highway, including a groom and his best man as well as a few roller bladers. >>> 18 after the hour now. arnold schwarzenegger is revealing some of his deepest secrets in a new book. total recall comes out today. the actor and former california governor reveals details about the son he fathered with his family's house
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
-- this week governor martin o'malley talked about the money that would go to education. >>> we've got one game to go for the regular soap for your nats. still looking good. >> still looking excellent. >> tied right now with the reds. got one big win yesterday. didn't play all the starters. >> but they still won so that's good. >> they showed this still means something to them to get that. it was a foggy night last night. adam laroche, 33 home runs. >> you know what laroche means? the rock. >> is that french? >> that is is fog we are talking about. it ties career high right here. the team has an option. they have to pick this guy up. >> you got to pay. >> i think you got to pay to play. bases juiced for steve lombardozzi. in the bottom of the eighth, again, will lift the fly ball and they call him the shark, roger bernardina. nats win 4-2. how about our neighbors to the north. & orioles magic &&. >> in tampa, that is the 33rd home run for chris davis. it is his sixth straight game with a home run. that ties an orioles record. >> he is on a roll. >> he is on a roll. os can still do this thing. t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2